Global Network and Security Transformation

The internet will become the new corporate network. Frederik Janssen
Global Head of Infrastructure, Siemens

A few years ago, Siemens’ global head of infrastructure Frederik Janssen recognized that the company had reached a tipping point: With more than 64% of network traffic going to the internet, the internet had to become the company’s new corporate network. And that would require improving IT infrastructure to support cloud transformation.

Janssen’s mandate was to build for scale while reducing IT complexity. Siemens overhauled and automated infrastructure to reduce risk, and moved all 360K+ employees to the cloud, securing disparate mobile endpoints along the way. Siemens’ secure cloud transformation has reduced infrastructure costs significantly, improved the user experience for application access and cloud workloads, secured all inbound and outbound data traffic, and enabled local internet breakouts for all employees and contractors around the globe.

Company: Siemens
Sector: Conglomerate
Driver: Frederik Janssen
Role: Global Head of Infrastructure
Revenue: $108 billion
Employees: 360,000
Countries: 192
Locations: 2,200
Company IT Footprint: Siemens’ IT leads support infrastructure across 192 countries globally. They serve 360,000 end users—employees—and another approximately 70,000 external contractors. Their server and application landscape encompasses 10,000 applications and around 60,000 servers. In addition to the 450,000 clients and internal/external employees, they manage approximately 200,000 mobile devices.

Overhaul, optimize, automate infrastructure

Reduce risk of errors

Move 360K+ employees to the cloud

Integrate, secure disparate mobile endpoints

“Slice the elephant”:

  • Adopt SaaS apps
  • Migrate internal apps
  • Develop IoT, mobile capabilities

Ensure data sovereignty compliance

Migrate apps to the cloud

Secure local internet breakouts

Integrate data centers

Build a cloud-first team

Create a culture of “Collaborative IT”

Reduced hardware, MPLS costs by as much as 70%

Fast user experience for application access and cloud workloads

Secured inbound, outbound cloud traffic

360K+ employees, 60K+ contractors worldwide connect directly via local internet breakouts