SaaS as the Catalyst for Energy Management
Leader’s Cloud Transformation Journey

Many companies look at “cloud-first” without assessing the network changes this entails. When we started to adopt cloud-delivered applications, we had to understand how our network architecture would be impacted by the cloud. There is a pretty significant network transformation required. Hervé Coureil
Chief Digital Officer, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric CDO Hervé Coureil began the French energy conglomerate’s cloud journey with a successful Salesforce roll out. As part of Schneider’s secure cloud transformation, he strategized to reduce infrastructure complexity, improve security, increase scalability, and improve mobile access.

Coureil and team planned Schneider’s cloud transformation in three stages: adopt SaaS applications, migrate internal applications, and develop IoT and mobile capabilities. All that was undertaken within the requirements of securing data, blocking threats, and planning for growth. Schneider’s transformation journey delivered significant impact to its business resulting in reduced costs, greater capability for data traffic growth, and better security.

Company: Schneider Electric
Sector: Listed Company
Driver: Hervé Coureil
Role: Chief Digital Officer
Revenue: $32 billion
Employees: 144,000
Countries: 100+
Locations: 290
Company IT Footprint: Schneider Electric is a French multinational corporation that specializes in energy management and automation solutions, spanning hardware, software, and services. Schneider’s IT footprint spans over 100,000 connected users in 100 countries.

Move to the cloud

Simplify infrastructure complexity

Improve security

Enable global app, network, resource, mobile access

Improve scalability

Create a digital transformation team

Integrate customer experience, user experience, business priorities

Transform in three stages:

  • Adopt SaaS apps
  • Migrate internal apps
  • Develop IoT, mobile capabilities

Classify and protect critical data

Improve security: Sandboxing, DLP

Plan for growth

Support for internet usage growth

Reduced costs

Improved service quality with local internet breakouts

Improved security

Support for network voice and mobile access

Cloud adoption across the global organization

Improved measurement, utilization reporting