Office 365 Migration at Scale

Forced by necessity, we had to figure out how to embark on our own journey to modernize and adopt new technology to our business. Alex Philips
CIO, National Oilwell Varco

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) manufactures oil-well equipment. The company’s fortunes, not surprisingly, can ebb and flow with volatility in oil and gas commodities markets. When oil prices dropped a few years ago, CIO Alex Philips realized he had to do more with less.

Philips and team worked to reduce the burden of legacy technical debt, lower costs, build out more capabilities, and secure their globally-distributed organization. They took a pragmatic approach to the cloud: shifting to SD-WAN, deploying Office 365, and replacing security appliances with cloud-based inline security. NOV’s secure cloud transformation has led to lower costs, better security, and improved user experience.

Company: National Oilwell Varco
Sector: Oil and Gas Manufacturing
Driver: Alex Philips
Role: CIO
Revenue: $7.3 billion
Employees: 25,000 computer users
Countries: 65
Locations: over 600
Company IT Footprint: National Oilwell Varco is a globally distributed company with plants or operations in over 600 locations. Of its large computing workforce of 25,000 employees, 70% are mobile with laptops.

Reduce legacy technical debt

Reduce costs after industry downturn

Build out more capabilities

Secure a globally-distributed organization

Upgrade connectivity pipes

Implement SD-WAN solution

Start with Office 365

Extend support to iPads, Macs, iOS mobile

Replace security appliances with cloud-based, inline security

Move HR, finance apps to internet

Evangelize, drive organic user adoption

“Slashed tens of millions of dollars from budget”: MPLS, branch hardware appliances

Improved user experience with direct-to-internet connectivity

Better security: full SSL/TLS- encrypted traffic inspection, sandboxing, intrusion prevention

Improved mobile workforce productivity

Successfully deployed Office 365

Expanded technology footprint

Simplified administration, systems management with policy-based controls