How Microsoft is Accelerating
Enterprise Cloud Adoption

There is enormous growth across our cloud products. This includes Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. Azure has nearly doubled every year and Dynamics 365 revenue has grown greater than 60% since we began disclosing it in the third quarter of fiscal year 2017. Scott Guthrie
EVP, Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft EVP Scott Guthrie helped lead his company’s shift to cloud-based technologies. In the last decade, Microsoft has integrated its cloud services, including Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. Guthrie’s focus extends to customer-focused product development: understanding how SaaS, PaaS, and infrastructure technologies bind together to deliver business solutions for customers.

For Guthrie, delivering cloud services — if you’re Microsoft or any vendor — requires vision. He notes that Microsoft “leaned into the cloud before there was even customer signal or demand.” Then, when the market began adopting cloud technologies, Microsoft had already built out the infrastructure, data centers, and productivity software in the cloud-based environment.

Company: Microsoft
Sector: Cloud Services
Driver: Scott Guthrie
Role: EVP