A Blueprint for Secure Cloud Transformation

The cloud transformation journey is to a simpler, more effective, more resilient IT infrastructure. Taking a phased approach will reduce disruption to operations, while generating the cost savings that can fuel each new phase. Darryl Staskowski
SVP and CIO, Kelly Services

As a global leader in workplace staffing solutions, Kelly Services’ IT team serves a large global workforce distributed across 22 countries. SVP and CIO Darryl Staskowski led a highly impactful digital transformation journey, prioritizing network complexity reduction, Office 365 deployment, WAN congestion relief, and user-experience improvement.

Kelly Services managed its cloud transformation in five phases: Office 365 migration, local internet breakouts for web traffic, local internet breakouts for all traffic, cloud migration for internal apps, and system and process optimization. Kelly’s transformation journey reduced its MPLS expenses, saving millions of dollars in CapEx and leading to improved branch-office user experiences.

Company: Kelly Services
Sector: Workforce Augmentation
Driver: Darryl Staskowski
Role: SVP and CIO
Revenue: $5.5 billion
Employees: 10,000
Countries: 22
Locations: 870
Company IT Footprint: In 2010, when Kelly Services first started its transformation journey, it was supporting over 10,000 employees across 870 locations in 22 countries. This infrastructure was supported by 17 different MPLS network providers. By the time Kelly Services completed Phase 1 of its transformation journey, it had reduced its MPLS footprint from 870 locations to 30 with the help of SD-WAN services.

Reduce network complexity, costs (MPLS, branch NGFWs)

Deploy Office 365

Eliminate WAN congestion

Improve branch-office user experience

Culture — Evangelize, Engage, Plan:

  • Identify champions, get senior exec buy-in
  • Build a culture of risk-taking, empowered decision-making

Five phases:

  • Migrate to Office 365
  • Local internet breakouts for web traffic
  • Local internet breakouts for ALL traffic
  • Move internal apps to cloud
  • Optimize connectivity, app access

Reduced CAPEX: $4M annual on appliance sprawl

Reduced OPEX: $2.7M annual on management costs

Widespread adoption across 900+ offices, 22 countries

Local internet breakouts mean “the new perimeter is identity.”

Better user experience, particularly at branch offices

Elasticity: Cloud firewall scales by user, not bandwidth

Bandwidth control prioritizes Office 365 over YouTube