How Google is Building a Massively Scalable Cloud

Cloud, which originally started as a convenient way to get access to relatively elastic computing infrastructure, has really become a core engine of business growth and business transformation in many ways. It is not just a CIO and CTO conversation, but a CEO, board, and a line-of-business conversation. Tariq Shaukat
President, Partner and Industry Platforms, Google Cloud

Google originally built its own cloud infrastructure to support data processing for its search engine, YouTube, and Gmail. It entered the cloud service business by introducing applications rather than raw storage or compute. Google’s move into the cloud-platform and cloud-based software adjacencies was an extension of what the company was doing already with its internal services.

Google Cloud president of partner and industry platforms Tariq Shaukat advises enterprises moving to the cloud to “make a future-proof decision on architecture”: to look at the long-term rather than choose “what may seem like the most convenient near-term decision.”

Company: Google
Sector: Cloud Services
Driver: Tariq Shaukat
Role: President