An International Dairy Conglomerate’s Network
and Security Transformation Journey

I’m looking towards making the network totally irrelevant in the next five to seven years. The network will only be a transport mechanism that makes sure the application goes from A to B, but the data security itself is completely embedded in the communication stream. Erik Klein
Infrastructure Architect, FrieslandCampina

Dutch dairy conglomerate FrieslandCampina produces cheese, yogurt, milk, and nutritional products for consumers around the world. In 2018, FrieslandCampina co-op farmers produced more than 10.4 billion kilos of milk. As FrieslandCampina started to move to the cloud, infrastructure architect Erik Klein saw an opportunity to transform the global organization’s network architecture from a private, MPLS-centered network to a public, internet-centric environment.

Klein and team set goals of aligning IT with operations and IoT priorities, improving security, reducing costs, and fixing the company’s bumpy Office 365 deployment. They aimed for nothing less than “making the corporate network irrelevant.” They rolled out local breakouts, changed a cloud-security-hesitant culture, and moved applications to the cloud. FrieslandCampina’s employees now experience faster application access, better security (delivered inline), and optimized Office 365 performance.

Company: FrieslandCampina
Sector: Dairy
Driver: Erik Klein
Role: Infrastructure Architect
Revenue: $14 billion
Employees: 20,000
Countries: 34
Locations: 120
Company IT Footprint: FrieslandCampina has 120 locations. The company employs over 20,000 people worldwide, but, because those people work in shifts, the number of endpoints are not related to the number of employees. Within the office and industrial workspace, there are about 7,000 to 8,000 endpoints. The dairy conglomerate currently also has over 80 factories worldwide.

Align IT with both operations technology (OT) and IoT priorities, processes

Improve security

Reduce MPLS costs, WAN dependence

Resolve Office 365 deployment challenges

Introduce dynamic application- routing, local internet breakouts

Overcome cultural hurdles to cloud security

Move applications to AWS

Transition to Office 365

Deploy SD-WAN

Reduced costs: MPLS, hardware security stack, “turning off apps on weekends”

Faster application access, better user experience

Better security, delivered inline

"Making the network totally irrelevant"