Amazon’s Cloud Journey

When customers are thinking about where they want to move their mission-critical and production IT workloads, they should consider which platform is going to have the most experience, and the best practices, to help them do that. Stephen Orban
General Manager, Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) serves as the backbone for But AWS came to be only when the retail website outgrew its infrastructure. As Orban explains it, when Amazon’s monolithic software infrastructure was limiting agility and growth, the company made a deliberate shift to a service-oriented architecture, and developed a cloud-first architecture with the aim to support growth, make teams faster, and make the company more agile.

Amazon saw that its own internal cloud services could be commercialized since other companies were undoubtedly facing similar challenges. Three factors have since contributed to AWS’ adoption and growth: Amazon’s customer-obsessed focus, a culture of invention, and long-term commitment.

Company: Amazon Web Services
Sector: Cloud Services
Driver: Stephen Orban
Role: General Manager